Amazon has revealed new images of its mini-series – “Good Omens”, adapted from the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman “good omens”. The whole ambition of the series Amazon Good Omens is presented in its new trailer ! We can see the stars of the show, David Tennant Jon Hamm, in passing by Michael Sheen. Flying saucers in replica comic or shifted, we find the spirit of the original book. The mini-series is adapted from the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, good omens. It takes place at a time when the end of the world approach, which means that an Angel and a Demon who have become too fond of life on Earth are forced to form an unlikely alliance to stop Armageddon. But they lost the Antichrist, a 11 year old boy who didn’t know he was supposed to bring the end of time, forcing them to embark on an adventure to find him and save the world before it is too late. Good Omens will be available on Amazon Prime from the next may 31. “Good Omens” is part of the american series the most anticipated 2019 : See the slideshow Slideshow The Witcher, Watchmen, The Mandalorian… The 19 new american series the most anticipated 2019 20 photos

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To a month of the launch of season 6 of “The 100”, scheduled for April 30, the United States, the chain The CW has unveiled a first trailer that allow you to discover a little more about this new world… Following the destruction of the Earth at the end of the season 5 of The 100, Clarke ( Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy ( Bob Morley) ended up waking up in the last minutes of the final after an artificial sleep for 125 years, and to realize that they were approaching a new planet on which they were henceforth going to have to learn to live. A new environment, which will be at the heart of season 6, which will begin on April 30, the United States and that promises to confront the hero of the series, post-apocalyptic to the unknown… and their own inner demons. After the poster released a little earlier, check out above the first trailer of the season 6, where we learn more about the new planet Sanctum, visibly led by the character played by JR Bourne of Teen Wolf…

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While the “Dumbo” of Tim Burton comes out in cinemas in a few days, back on the original film signed by the Disney studios in the 40s… Out in the 40’s, he has set the bar very high, fourth Disney classic, and certainly one of the most beautiful. Rejected by the whole earth, except a mouse and five ravens, he has learned to fly with a feather as a placebo. Thanks to its huge ears, it does not need a footstool, because by two or three wing beats, he touches the canvas of the tent. But do you really know everything there is to know about this adorable elephant calf ? In 5 minutes you can discover all the anecdotes amazing… on Dumbo. And if not… how well do you Know Laurel and Hardy ? Give Me Five Emissions Bonus

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The youtubeur French Saikyō Devin says that the early resumption of the series “Dragon Ball Super” would have been confirmed on the sidelines of a convention of professionals in the audiovisual sector organised this Monday in Bologna in Italy. Called tôei Animation Company It is still not official, but the return of Dragon Ball Super seems well and clear. Relying on anonymous sources, but it seems to be reliable, the youtubeur French Saikyō Devin reveals that the recovery of the animated series (arrested in march 2018) would have been confirmed on the sidelines of a convention reserved for professionals of the audiovisual held this Monday in Bologna (Italy). This is not the first time that any return in July is referred to as a few weeks ago, an internet user in the us – known for the quality of its information – had already spoken of a distribution in this period. A date all the more symbolic that it is consistent with the original introduction of Dragon Ball Super in July 2015. According to Saikyō Devin, the official announcement could take place at the end of this month of April, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the series Dragon Ball Z (launched in Japan on April 26, 1989). The recovery of Dragon Ball Super confirmed on video by a youtubeur French :

The singer M. Pokora’s going to play in a tv movie about Alzheimer’s disease, which should be filmed in may and aired on TF1 at the end of the year. Veeren / CVS / Bestimage Mr. Pokora will play soon the tv comedy. This is what we learn from the magazine Télé 7 jours, to which it has agreed to an interview. “It is a drama adapted from a book that deals with Alzheimer’s disease, said M. Pokora. This is an idea that I proposed to the chain, so I’m very proud of it. I look forward to beginning this new fiction.” He then explained that viewers should be able to discover its performance “at the end of the year… if all goes well !” The singer had made a few appearances – as a guest in Scenes of households, or Our dear neighbours, for example -, and had at several times tried to dubbing (Rio 2, The Trolls), but the movie he is about to turn for TF1 looks like his first major role in a fiction, and his first real experience of the actor. The mystery remains as to the novel of which the movie is adapted, but according to the chain, which can reveal more information for the moment, the author is little known, and it is not a best-seller. And if one knows that the filming will take place at the end of may, it is still not known any of the rest of the cast.