The President of Cuba called on supporters of the authorities to take to the streets

Amid the protests in the country, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called on supporters of the current government to take to the streets and resist provocations, which, according to him, are “counter-revolutionary mercenaries”. This is reported by TASS.

“We will not allow any counter-revolutionary mercenaries sold to the American empire to provoke destabilization. There will be a revolutionary response, ” the head of state said on state television. He noted that ” always supported the blockade and served as mercenaries of the Yankee Empire, today <…> they demand “humanitarian intervention”.” According to him, these people encourage actions aimed at spreading the idea that the Cuban government is not able to control the epidemiological situation on the island.

In Cuba, in the city of San Antonio de los Banos, 24 kilometers south of Havana, a group of people gathered in one of the central parks to hold a demonstration. The President of the country arrived at the place.

Earlier, the Cuban ambassador to China, Carlos Pereira Hernandez, accused the United States of a blockade” tantamount to genocide”. In addition, he said that Havana strongly opposes the practice of politicization, selective approach and double standards in the field of human rights.