The results of the elections in Bulgaria are published

The ruling party of Bulgaria “Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria “(GERB) in a coalition with the” Union of Democratic Forces ” (SDS) is leading in the early parliamentary elections. Such interim results are published on the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the country.

As of 7:30 am Moscow time, 95.22 percent of the ballots were processed. According to the CEC calculations, GERB and the SDS received 622,591 votes (23.91 percent). In second place is the party “There is such a people” with 616,076 votes (23.66 percent). The Bulgarian Socialist Party is in the intermediate third place with a result of 354,937 votes (13.63 percent).

In order to get into parliament, parties need to get at least 4 percent of the votes. This mark was also overcome by the coalition “Democratic Bulgaria”, “Movement for Rights and Freedoms” and the civic platform ” Stand Up. The mafia is out.”

On May 11, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev by his decree dissolved the country’s parliament and called new elections for July 11. He took this step after the parties failed to form a ruling coalition.

Negotiations on the creation of a ruling coalition have been conducted since the election day on April 4. None of the parties was able to get the support of the parliamentary majority.